Since the release of his latest album, 'Battle of the Sexes,' Ludacris has been hot on the public service trail, heading up an HIV/AIDS awareness project, spear-heading a promotional campaign for the 2010 Census, and now teaming with Trojan condoms to launch the Magnum Live Large Project.

The new collaboration will be Magnum's first full-fledged advertising campaign, and it will feature radio, web and print ads -- in the May and June issues of Vibe, XXL and The Source magazines -- with Luda as their spokesman. The campaign will center around a new contest that encourages fans of the brand to visit and download music samples, which they can use to record their own 'Magnum-themed' lyrics and submit for consideration. Visitors will be allowed to vote for their favorite songs, and the winner will receive $5,000 in addition to a trip to the Birthday Bash hip-hop festival in Atlanta on June 14, where they will have the chance to hop onstage with Ludacris.

Trojan's vice president of marketing, Jim Daniels, told the New York Times that Luda was a solid choice for the campaign in light of his recent work for HIV/AIDS awareness. "Ludacris has been actively involved in using his celebrity and immense talent to really try to advance improvements in sexual health," Daniels said.

Julian Long, a marketing consultant for the new campaign, also made sure to emphasize that the focus of the contest was not just on the size of the condom, but instead on the lifestyle it represents. "We're looking for songs that encompass the Magnum lifestyle and what it means to live large -- not just the size of the condom or what it's put on but what it means to live large across the board," he said.