The next single from Ludacris' chart-topping 'Release Therapy' album is 'Runaway Love,' featuring Mary J. Blige. At the VW Tiguan party in L.A. recently, where he performed, the multi-media star told AOL Music he's really proud of the video for the track.

"It's incredible, man. It's really trying to get everybody aware of how many runaways there are," he says. "You really just got to see it. It's definitely Grammy material."

Luda is staying very much in demand these days, with a scheduled appearance at Dick Clark's annual New Year's Eve telecast and his new movie with Vince Vaughn, 'Fred Clause,' opening next year. He presumably got a crash course in time management with his recent stint hosting 'Saturday Night Live.'

"It was intense, because I was hosting and performing," he says. "I was almost in every skit. An hour and a half went by really, really fast."

Listen to 'Runaway Love'