In a recent interview, rapper-turned-actor Ludacris told the BoomBox that he stays far away from the kitchen, even on Thanksgiving.

"I will not be contributing to the Thanksgiving dinner because I cannot cook worth a damn. Only thing I know how to cook is tacos, that's pretty much it," Luda confessed.

But the rapper isn't giving up hope. "Now, that doesn't at all mean I'm not trying to cook, because, like I said in one of my songs, I actually put one of my friends through culinary arts school. He is currently teaching me how to cook, and I eventually will know how. I leave it to the experts in the kitchen at my restaurant to do that."

Ludacris' Asian fusion restaurant Straits has successfully brought a taste of Singapore to Atlanta. Straits Atlanta is the fourth eatery in the upscale chain developed by Chef Chris Yeo.