Ludacris is making a big musical comeback and already reaping the financial benefits of his new round of Southern bangers. MTV is reporting that his single 'How Low' is about to hit a million digital downloads -- a pretty hefty number these days. Luda seems thrilled with the success and was particularly pleased to see athletes dancing to his track at the clubs during NBA's All-Star Weekend.

"Athletes get motivated by songs sometimes," he told MTV. "That's part of our motivation to make sure we get everybody else motivated. When we get in the studio, we want to make songs that are gonna play at such things as the All-Star game or the Super Bowl. That's my motivation. I'm feeling extremely excited. We pushed it up a week, due to the anticipation. I'm feeling real good about it. We're almost platinum on the digital download singles. Thanks to everybody for buying that 'How Low.' Remixes, more singles to come. It's going down."

The track, which features a creeping narcotic stomp of a beat, is indeed perfect for massive sports gatherings. It also basically ensures the nastiest dancing possible, so it's no surprise that clubs are blowing up the track. 'How Low' is the first single off of Luda's 'Battle of the Sexes' -- his seventh studio album set to drop on March 9.