Atlanta rapper Ludacris is dividing this time between music and public service this year. Luda saw his seventh studio album 'Battle of the Sexes' debut at No. 1 on the Billboard charts earlier this month, just as he began work with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) on their new HIV awareness campaign. Now, he will dedicate his efforts to the 2010 Census.

Christopher "Ludacris" Bridges will take part in the U.S. government's largest historical advertising campaign -- $300 million to be exact -- to stress the importance of the 2010 Census to an underrepresented population. The project will focus on the positive change that communities can experience if residents will take a few minutes to fill out the 10-question form sent to residences across America in the past two weeks. African American males, single mothers as well as immigrants and lower class residents with criminal backgrounds, who typically ignore the questionnaire are the target group for the project. Luda will stress the fact that a few simple answers can provide communities with necessary money to support schools, emergency services and other public works.

"I look at our communities now and I see empty lots, closed clinics, dilapidated schools and an overall breakdown of social services for the poor and elderly," Luda said in a statement. "Today is a day for change. I plan to know on doors in various neighborhoods around this country to try and dispel any myths about the Census. It's important that we all stand up and be counted so we can help create potential financial opportunities for our dying communities."

The 'Luda on the Block' campaign will stop in several major cities, where Luda will visit radio stations and spin his viral webisodes. Fans will be given the chance to log onto radio station websites to write about the importance of the census, while some will get to meet Luda to discuss it live. The campaign is currently scheduled to hit New York City on April 5, Washington DC on April 4, and Atlanta on April 9.