Pulling a one-two punch as both a chart-topping rapper and movie star, Ludacris probably could've had his pick of any guest he wanted on his upcoming album, 'Release Therapy.' And indeed, there are a lot of high-profile guests ranging from R. Kelly on the track 'Woozy,' to Mary J. Blige on 'Runaway Love.' But Luda says there was specific criteria he was looking for when selecting collaborators on the effort.

"I looked for people I haven't necessarily worked with," he told AOL Music, "and then [people who went] with the subject matter."

The rapper considers a track titled 'Do Your Time,' which features fellow MCs Pimp C, C-Murder and Beanie Sigel, to be a perfect example. "They're all rappers who have done some pretty serious time as far as going to jail, and that's what that song is about," he says. "Especially the statistics of African-Americans that are incarcerated."

Luda says he's got a lot to get off his chest on the new album, hence the title. "Me listening to it is therapy. Me telling it is therapy. And other people listening to it is definitely therapy because a lot of the stuff I'm talking about, I'm sure other people have been through and can relate to."