Ludacris has just been revealed as a ghostwriter on Dr. Dre's highly anticipated 'Detox,' album. The demo track titled 'O.G.'s Theme' leaked to the internet over the weekend, and finds the Atlanta rapper mimicking Dre's voice to give a better feel for what it would sound like if he records it.

"Not sure how this leaked," Luda wrote via his Twitter page. "It was fun trying [to sound like Dr. Dre]!"

Luda (as Dre) goes hard paying homage to the super-producer's California roots. "West Side keep it thuggin' like/After me that will never be another like...hell yeah/ Bad h-es palm trees, trucks, bomb weed, stack Gs /I'm the original.

"With 30 mil sold, where's the f---ing gratitude?/ I see all these little BG's/Mean muggin' on the screen trying to be me/I'm much more than 6-4's/Gun talk, chronic leaves and thick h-es/That's why most of them have come and went/I just re-coupe, re-create and re-invent."

Other rappers who have submitted tracks to Dre include rapper T.I. It is unclear whether any of the tracks submitted will make it to the album. 'Detox' is due in stores later this year. Check out the song here.