Being a movie star opens a lot of doors, as Ludacris, a.k.a. Chris Bridges, has found. Besides attending the Academy Awards, the rapper/actor, whose new album, 'Release Therapy,' comes out Sept. 26, was an invited guest at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

"It was pretty weird, man," he tells AOL Music of hitting the political landscape. "Sometimes I got to do my investigating and see what's going on. It was definitely an experience I will remember. I met a lot of different people, just trying to understand the politics behind the country and the people that work in this field."

While Luda has always had a lot of confidence in his abilities, he admits he never thought he'd find himself in these situations. "I never would've imagined that. But I guess all the success that's happened over the past couple of years, I just used it to my advantage."

In other Luda news, the rapper celebrates his birthday next week, on Sept. 11. What does one get a movie star and platinum rapper for his birthday? "A great movie role," he says. Might that already be on the way? "I'm reading scripts, and we're in negotiations."