While Ludacris' new album 'Battle of the Sexes' climbs its way up the charts, the ATL rapper is celebrating a new Billboard record. This week Luda became the first rapper to appear in five number one hits on the Billboard charts, thanks to the soaring new single from British singer Taio Cruz.

Luda first reached the number one spot with his 2003 single 'Stand Up,' followed by a feature on Usher's "Yeah!" in 2004, 'Money Maker' in 2006, and two more features on Fergie's 'Glamorous' in 2007 and finally on Taio Cruz's 'Break Your Heart' this March. Luda wasted no time shouting out his achievement on Twitter today, writing, "Just received word that because of the fans we have made history yet again. Thanks 2 Taio Cruz, I'm the only rapper 2 have 5 #1 Billboard hits."

Ludacris' ninth studio album 'Battle of the Sexes' hit stores on March 9. The album features collaboration from several female MCs including Nicki Minaj, Trina and Eve.