What's good ya'll it's your boy Slim, and most of you know me as the front man of the multi-platinum recording group 112. Today, I am checking in with you all to let you know that I'll be spending the next couple of weeks discussing love, relationships and all the issues that arise while in them, and how I've been able to conquer these through my music... So sit tight and enjoy the ride!

I named my forthcoming album, 'Love's Crazy' for a reason. It's like a roller coaster you've never been on but are anxiously awaiting to try ... and just like a roller coaster; it seems to affect people regardless of their age, social standing or economic background. Now, don't get it twisted; the latest movies and music videos have made us believe that finding love is an easy task; however, real life experience shows us it's not that simple.

Take Joey for instance, he's been checking for this young lady at our local grocery store, but is just too intimidated to approach her, so instead he goes to the grocery store numerous times a week, in hopes of one day mustering up the guts to speak to her. Now, after weeks of doing this, one look at his fridge and kitchen area show a potential dinner for 10 in the making. That's what I mean when I say, 'Love is Crazy.' It makes you do and act in ways you said you never would.

Now don't get me wrong ... It's okay to feel and act a bit crazy when you have a crush or are in love. Just don't go overboard and end up in jail over some fatal attraction type business. LOL ... Naw, but for real and in all honesty, relationships and love are a learning process that sometimes require you to pick and choose your battles, have a little patience and always have room to compromise in order to a have positive experience instead of a "this person is really crazy and I can't be with them" experience.

Until next time, take a listen to my track entitled 'Love's Crazy' and feel free to leave any comments or questions, as I'll definitely be checking in with you all!

Listen to 'Love's Crazy'