Despite being accused of homewrecking by Sky, Mariahlynn and Cardi B, Bianca had her eyes on Drewski and was ready to pounce. And on last night's (December 19) episode of Love & Hip Hop, she tried to make it happen. While Drewski thought they were going to talk business, Bianca entered the room in nothing but her underwear and started kissing on Drewski. And while he did his best to stop her, she continued until there was knock on the door. Before all this went down, Bianca revealed to Cardi and Mariahlynn of her plans to get Drewski. Mariahlynn then told Sky because of their friendship and the fact that she knew it was wrong. Ready to start a rumble, Sky dropped in on Bianca's party and called her out as well as her man.

But it didn't stop there. Sky then dropped by Bianca's performance to tell the singer and rapper to stay away from Drewski. Sky then repeatedly called Bianca a bird and then pulled a piece of bread from her bra and threw it at her. Bianca thought the whole thing was hilarious and relished in the fact that she riled up Sky.

Things were also going downhill for Snoop and J. Adrienne. Since Adrienne put Snoop "on probation," it gave Snoop time to go back home to Baltimore and talk to her godmother. Not only did they discuss her relationship, but also the fact that Snoop grandma was in a facility away from the family. The discussion made Snoop emotional but also gave her a sense of what she needed to do about Adrienne.

After her Baltimore trip, Snoop met up with Adrienne. Unfortunately what Adrienne thought was going to an apology was a breakup instead. She obviously didn't take it lightly and was furious with Snoop for wasting her time.

Rich Dollaz also went through his own breakup this week. After the unsuccessful meeting between Jade and his daughter, things went from bad to worse. When he planned a romantic dinner to make things right with Jade, Monique came all the way from LA to drop in on their dinner and tell Jade how Rich has still be creeping around with her. Monique said that Rich hit her up asking to see her lady parts as well as the fact that they've continued their relationship even till that point. Despite the fact Rich denied, Jade was already sobbing and out the door. He later met up with her -- only to see her crying even harder than she did that other night. And after seeing her emotional reaction, Rich realized that Jade wasn't strong enough to hold it down for them and broke it off.

Yandy might not have any man troubles, but she's been the biggest problems with Mendeecees' baby mamas. After essentially calling Erika a sidepiece, Yandy went one step further to solidify her role as the wife. So she changed the locks on the apartment that Erika claimed she and Mendeecees shared. And when Erika found out, it wasn't a surprise that she ran straight to Yandy, ready to deck her. Of course, before any blood was shed, security came in.

Despite all the drama brewing on the show, Cisco dropped by Mariahlynn's place of work to apologize for the past. He also revealed to her that his mom was diagnosed with a brain tumor. And since her mom went through the same thing, Mariahlynn quickly showed her support and the two came to a tearful truce. They also briefly spoke about working together again.

But will that working relationship work? Find out next week.