Last week's baby drama, artist rivalry and infidelity on Love & Hip Hop was a lot to take in, but this week it's turned up another notch.

Since Amina Buddafly told Peter Gunz that she aborted their baby, the two started to get closer. And as Amina has been channeling her pain into her music, it looks like there's a chance for her and Peter to truly be back together.

Unfortunately, things are hardly ever rosy in his world. And after we found out about Tara Wallace's news last week, Peter's life is going to get hell of a lot harder. He meets with his other lady at her place to catch up, where Tara explained that she was six months pregnant. And because she was so far along, Tara had to keep the baby. And Peter can't lie his way out of this one. This is clearly a turning point for him. After hearing the news, he knew exactly what he had to do -- tell Amina.

Last week, DJ Self dug himself into another hole when he cheated on Yorma Hernandez. And this week, the other woman, Rose, spills the tea to Rah Ali, telling her that she and Self have been dating. While they clearly have been making out, Rose swears she hasn't slept with him yet.

Meanwhile, Self admitted his bad doings to Rich Dollaz and Papoose. And although Rich is infamous for being in the Creep Squad, he calls Self out and tells him to drop Rose and make things right for the woman he loves. Perhaps his relationship with Moniece in Love & Hip Hop Hollywood as well as having his daughter live with him changed Rich.

Although Papoose doesn't have issues like Self, he does believe that there are things he and Remy Ma need to work on before they walk down the aisle again. And first, it's making things right with his mom. So the three of them meet up to talk, and both parties find out how one feels about the other. While Remy thought that everyone was against her, her mother-in-law corrects her and says that she was just looking out for her son, who was really hurting from having Remy in jail. Despite the past, Pap's mom still loves Remy and hopes they can have a great relationship. And while Remy agrees that hatchet is buried, the topic of her own mother came up. But unlike the forgiveness for her mother-in-law, Remy isn't so willing to talk to her mom nor is she ready to forgive her for their rocky relationship.

While a lot has happened so far, most of Love & Hip Hop centered around the former members of BBOD. Sexxy Lexxy met up with Rah Ali to talk about what happened with Mariahlynn at the fashion show but also tell Rah how she wants to move forward with her career. So Rah stays true to being her manager and sets up a meeting with French Montana. And although Lexxy thought the two would just chat, French wanted to see and hear Lexxy's flow. While she was nervous, Lexxy kept it professional and got the job done -- impressing French and promising her a good collaboration in the future.

Meanwhile Miss Moe Money has been working hard to impress her new manager, Yandy Smith-Harris. Yandy, seeing more potential in Moe, gave the former BBOD member the same track that Bianca Bonnie received. And judging from the past episodes and her recent meetup with Cardi B and Mariahlynn, Bianca isn't a fan of Moe's. So when she discovers Moe flowing to her track, things get ugly. Not only does B confront Moe at the studio, she also calls Yandy out, which looks like it'll end their working relationship.

Between Peter's confession to Amina and this brewing rivalry between Yandy's artists, you'll need to tune in next week to find out what happens next.

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