Following the clash between their mothers in last week's episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Lyrica and A-1 weren't sure how they would be able to actually go through with an elaborate wedding. But that didn't stop the producer from proposing again to his love with a new and even bigger ring. And to top it off, he asked how she felt about eloping. While Lyrica was swept away by the romantic gesture, she wasn't sure if it was the right decision because she wanted it to be a family affair. However, after sitting down with her mother to find out that she wasn't the most supportive of her daughter marrying A-1, Lyrica agreed to tie the knot. The two drove down to a small church where they exchanged vows and walked away as husband and wife. Now, only time will tell how their moms will react to the news.

Before A-1 and Lyrica said "I do," they had a double date with Ray J and Princess. After a few laps around the roller rink, A-1 and Lyrica revealed their issues about their moms, which baffled Ray. He and Princess thought they had issues with that prenup? At least, as Princess noted, Ray's mom didn't come at her with her fists.

Meanwhile, Nikki has been enjoying herself a lot lately. Dating both Rosa and Safaree was fun, but she did feel a little guilty about juggling the two because she was starting to develop actual feelings for both. However, she didn't feel bad enough to inform either party of the other.

While Rosa enjoyed being with Nikki, Safaree made it clear to everyone that, despite his past relationship with Nicki Minaj, he's falling for Nikki Baby. But before he wanted to dive all in, he chatted with Fizz, who warned him that Nikki was a lot to handle and could possibly have someone else on the side. Safaree confronted Nikki during a photo shoot that made him feel more uncomfortable because it was for a men's underwear. Despite his insecurities, Nikki managed to smooth him over and make it look like he was the one who was imagining things -- little did he know that she was two-timing him. But he's in love, and love is blind, right?

Finally, Shanda was still mad at Willie over his sidepiece, Kyesha, but she wanted to focus that energy on her music. And after spending more time in the studio, she decided to join an open mic and invited her friend, Teairra Mari. Despite the excitement over the show, she told Teairra that Kyesha has been stalking her social media. And considering the fact that she promoted her open mic set on social media, it wasn't surprising to see Kyesha not only make an appearance but perform a song that blasted Shanda and detailed her affair with Willie. This instantly sparked a fight with at least one woman losing some of her hair.

After the brawl, Shanda wrote Willie a letter telling him that she needed a break from their marriage. Obviously, this broke Willie's heart. But what could he do at this point? Tune in next week to find out.