Following Shanda's run-in with the woman who claimed that she'd been hooking up with Willie for years last week on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, the former stripper-turned-artist had been doing a lot of soul searching lately and didn't know whether she should stay or leave her husband. However, she agreed to sit down and talk it out with him. Shanda reminded Willie that this wasn't the first time their marriage was in jeopardy because of infidelity. However, her husband reassured her that he didn't cheat and that it was all just a bunch of stupid text messages. Despite their conversation, Shanda was left still wondering what her next step would be.

Meanwhile Ray J and Princess may have crossed the preup problem off their list of issues. However, Moniece's recent interview regarding her previous sexual relationship with Ray was putting a sliver in their relationship. While Ray assured Princess that it wasn't anything--it occurred when they were teenagers, Princess took matters into her own hands and confronted Moniece about the situation.

At the meeting, Moniece admitted that she only started lashing out because Princess made hurtful comments about Moniece's capability as a mother. Princess is baffled by the fact that Moniece was still holding that grudge as well as didn't seem to have any intention to stop her public slandering of the couple. Princess was so fed up that she threw a glass of water (as many of the Love & Hip Hop cast members did) and came at Moniece -- forcing security to step it.

Moniece also made Fizz frustrated about her antics that he finally moved out of her place. Obviously this was bound to happen; however, Fizz's anger toward Moniece may not bode well for her and their son.

On this week's episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, we met Lyrica, a songwriter who's making moves from songwriter to star. She and her man, A1, seemed to be having a great life. But the only problem was that Lyrica, and her mother with the same name, didn't get along with A1's mom. And if he wanted to take their relationship to another level, he needed to get these women on the same page and making peace.

Finally, this season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood was off to a great start for Brandi and Max, especially after their issues last season. And after Max brought home the beginnings of their son's trust fund home for Brandi to put in the bank, things were really going well. Unfortunately that was short-lived because Brandi actually took that money and invested it into a new clothing store. She told Princess, who couldn't help but tell Ray, who's, of course, close to Max. So in the end, Max found out about his wife's new venture and isn't happy about it.

Things got worse when Max arrived at the store's grand opening where Brandi finally came clean about the new operation. While she hoped that the new investment would make her husband happy, he bolted out of the store instead. Knowing Brandi, she did everything she could to stop her husband from leaving the event and even climbed onto his car so he wouldn't drive away. Unfortunately, he did anyway and left Brandi in tears.

While Brandi's intentions may have been good, she probably shouldn't have used her son's trust fund to do it as well as keep Max in the loop about the whole situation. With how much love he has for his wife, he most likely would have given her the money anyway. How do you think this problem will affect their marriage? Tune in next week to find out.