After an explosive season that was full of tears, lies and thrown cups of water, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood's second season came to an end last week. And that only means one thing before we head back to New York City for Love & Hip Hop -- a reunion special. And like most VH1 reunion episodes, this never failed to entertain.

So let's get started. The first part of the reunion, which aired last night (Nov. 30), kicked off with the announcing of Ray J and Princess Love's engagement. While the season finale ended with Ray surprising Princess with a ring at their new house, she's been through so much of his lies and overall bad habits that we were skeptical she'd actually accept. However, sitting comfortably next to her man, she casually flashes the ring on her finger and reveals that they are getting married.

Another couple who seemed to be good with their relationship was Brandi Boyd and Max Lux. Despite throwing his ring into the bushes and Brandi catching him in the studio with some groupies, the bond between these two is clearly a strong one. And honestly seeing Max survive the hell that Brandi raises time after time, it's clear that this one is all love.

Unfortunately, that isn't the case for many of the couples on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. First, there's Amber Hunter and Miles Brock. Although two looked good playing house together as Miles helped her take care of her daughter Zoe, they were on two completely different pages from the very beginning. While Amber was falling back in love with him, Miles was in love with someone else -- Milan Christopher.

Not only did this lead to one of the most heartbreaking scenes of the season, but it also brought up the issue of being gay in hip-hop. Despite her love for Miles, Amber explained that her anger towards him was the fact that he lied to her, who was supposed to be his best friend, about the fact that he was gay and in a relationship with Milan. Although some may think that she's saving face, Amber admitted this to Milan in a previous episode. If Miles was up front about it, all three of them would be kicking it together.

The conversation continues when both Miles' and Amber's sisters were brought onstage. They explained their sides and how they took Miles' coming out. And despite all the shouting and shortcomings, they all see each other as family and will be there for each other no matter what. Now the question is -- where does Milan fit into this equation? We have a good feeling that this piece of the puzzle will be revealed in Part 2 of the reunion special.

Despite the two big storylines above, Moniece was the center of the conversation and scrutiny for this part of the reunion. Let's start with her relationship with Rich Dollaz, which looked like it ended in the season 2 finale. However Moniece apparently kept tweeting about the fact that she and Rich are engaged or were, at least, still together. Unfortunately, Rich sees things differently. He openly admitted that he loves her and pretty changed his "Creep Squad" ways to be with Moniece, but she's just got so many issues to deal with, especially regarding her son and her mom.

And what partially made Rich change his mind about Moniece? Nikki Mudarris' intel about Moniece's love for her baby daddy, Fizz. While Nikki was given heat for revealing Moniece's feelings, it was clearly still an issue between Moniece and Rich. As much as they love each other, let's be real -- Moniece is a little crazy and Rich can't deal.

Before explaining that crazy a little further, Fizz was in the hot seat for a minute. He was called out for describing his short-lived flame, Kamiah, "an appetizer," as well as apparently not performing in the bedroom. He owns up to it and apologizes but reminds her that she did enjoy her time with him between the sheets. While that one didn't work out, Fizz and Nikki are still going strong. However, she did need to stop for a minute once talk of her late brother was mentioned.

The episode ends with the drama of the evening -- Moniece. As the conversation heats up regarding her role as a mother, Brandi and Shanda Taylor both start yelling at her about her priorities and responsibilities regarding her son. And when you get Brandi and Moniece in the ring, you know there will be a confrontation. As the screaming match heated up, security rushed to the stage as Brandi and Shanda walked onto the platform to get in Moniece's face, and we know fists were thrown.

This is clearly not the end of this fight. So be sure to tune in next week for the culmination of the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion episode.

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