The second episode of 'Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood' clearly has a theme: keep the women you're sleeping with in check. So let's just jump right into it.

Hazel-E is a 34-year old publicist-turned-rapper who's in love with Yung Berg, a 28-year-old rapper-turned-the-ultimate-hitmaker-for-Young Money -- feel free to show off your side eyes here. The weave-wearing blonde says she and Berg's "relationship" has been off and on for years -- something fans seem to be hearing a lot of when it comes to this Hollywood-based cast -- but her yungin' likes to explore his "options" and is in no rush to find someone with the ability to make him settle down. In fact, in Yung Berg's words, he's got a different chick Monday through Friday; doubles up on Saturday; and rests on Sunday just like Jesus did.

Aside from the fact that the Chicago-born songwriter and producer readily compares himself to Jesus Christ, #LHHH fans have to give the kid props for keeping it all the way real. Hazel-E is just the dumb one who's convinced she can be the one to change him. It's clear this chick is a little confused when it comes to her definitions of a relationship, especially when she uses the following to separate the two: "When I'm on top of you, and when you're in between my legs, that's more than just friendship." Nope, it's just a booty call. But moving right along.

While Hazel is trying to find ways to get Yung Berg to "hold [her] down," Fizz is trying to push his baby mama, Moniece, permanently out of the picture and move girlfriend Amanda into her place. After all, Amanda does see the 4-year-old toddler 20 times more than his own mother.

Cameron, the song of Fizz and Moniece, allegedly tells his mom that daddy has a new girlfriend, but that story doesn't add up since Amanda and Fizz have been rocking for nearly two years. Attempting to play the motherly role, the part-time mom says she needs to have a talk with the woman that's been around her child and let her know the rules. But can she really set the rules when she's not even around her son herself? Unfortunately, the answer to that one is, hell nah! But that doesn't stop her from making a fool out of herself as usual when she meets with Amanda for an old-fashion sit down. When it comes to Moniece, the moral of the story is the chick is crazy. However, in the words of Kanye, she got him for 18 years but in this case, it's clear the kid is his.

As Berg and Fizz are finding new ways to keep their women in check, Mona Scott-Young was busy recruiting additional cast members to create 18 storylines that have no chance of coming full circle before this season comes to an end. First, Nikki aka Nikki Baby, is the heiress to a number of family-owned clubs, including three strip clubs, in L.A. The California cutie currently manages all three strip clubs, and is looking to get her foot in a little deeper in the music industry by booking her "girls" in some upcoming music videos. She's also the ex-girlfriend of producer Mally Mall.

Then there's Masika Kalysha, a video vixen who's motto is: "You don't come to Hollywood to make it, you come here to make it." She's looking to become a serious model and actress, but in the meantime she's Mally Mall's new side piece, but only after Justin Bieber passed her number along. Then there's Yesi, a Power 106 radio personality who kicks off her reality TV debut by bringing Soulja Boy's girlfriend to tears during an interview. But the real question is why are there 37 cast members -- an exaggeration; not an approximate number -- on 'Love & Hip Hop' this go-round? Will fans meet Jenny from the 7-11 on Rodeo Drive too? There's a lot of randoms on this spin-off, just saying.

But stay tuned for next week's episode because who knows who might pop up next.