After 15 explosive episodes of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, the fifth season came to an end on Monday night (July 25.) And while this season ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, as many of the Love & Hip Hop series do, let's start with the most heartwarming moment of the night -- Scrappy's proposal to Bambi. Season five started with the two going their separate ways; Scrappy tried to move on from the Bam. But despite Betty Idol flirting with him and his own attempts to focus on his businesses, Scrappy couldn't help but love and miss his lady. So after getting advice from Tammy in the last episode about getting his ex back, Scrappy decided to take the leap and propose. While he had his mind set to put a ring on Bambi's finger, he confided in Momma Dee and Yung Joc. And while they grilled him about, it was obvious that Scrappy's mind was set.

Not too long after his conversation with Dee and Joc, Scrappy gathered a small group of family and friends, got down on one knee and pulled out a diamond ring. Bambi was surprised beyond words but happily accepted and sealed it with a kiss.

Sparks flew for Scrappy and Bam--but Stevie J and Joseline weren't doing as well. After all the drama about who's creeping with who and whether or not their marriage was real, Stevie and Joseline decided to end their relationship. And Joseline, unashamed to go for the jugular, informed Stevie that no longer loved him.

After KK and Tiarra made peace in the last episode, the two decided to go all out for King's birthday. While KK and Tiarra were on better terms, it seemed that would all change after Tiarra brought J.Nicks to the soiree. Despite the fact KK made it clear that J. was unwelcomed, he understood and promptly left. Tiarra thought it would lead to some conflict, but instead KK joked about Tiarra finding a better-looking man. And the party went on.

While King was having a great birthday party, KK and Tiarra worked together to get Scrapp to appear at his son's party. So they Facetimed him in. While King was glad to see his dad, he instantly got emotional because his best friend wasn't able to attend his party.

King wasn't the only one to get emotional over Scrapp's jail time. Tommie, who had been dealing with Joseline issues as well as alcoholism, finally saw a therapist. After revealing that she not only had a couple of shots as well as a rundown of her family life and being homeless, she eventually began to sob and let out all the pain she's been feeling.

Meanwhile, Ariane had been working on new music and wanted to share it with friends. Although K. Michelle couldn't make it, the rest of the women, including to Joseline, at K.'s request, attended. D. Smith came by and was pleased about Ariane's song. Unfortunately Ariane's fun and intimate listening party turned into an all-out brawl.

Although the fourth season's reunion show as well as the beginning of this season showed Mimi and Joseline becoming friends, things completely changed over the course of the fifth season -- mainly due to Joseline's revenge plans. However things came to a head at Ariane's party, which forced Joseline to be removed from the venue and a standoff between Mimi and Ariane, too.

Although Joseline didn't have the most graceful exit, she's ready to take charge of her music, career and life.

The episode ended with the cast's last words for the season. Since Joseline and Mimi's fight, Mimi has decided to start another new interior design business and vowed to have Stevie and Joseline out of her life. Meanwhile Stevie was ready to move on from all the drama and legitimately enjoy his single life. Momma Dee was on the set for her new music video while Tammy moved out of her house with Waka Flocka Flame and start a new life. Ariane was ready to continue her music, and Karlie Redd is going to focus on her career and put the dating life on hold. Then there's Tiarra who found out she's pregnant again, and KK had her own issues with the law.

Although the fifth season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta just ended, we'll be getting more tea on the cast in a the show's reunion episode next Monday (Aug. 1). Be sure to tune in.

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