With the drama heating up, VH1 aired a surprise episode of 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' Wednesday night (May 7). And just as expected, things picked up right where they left off with heated arguments and shocking interactions.

First, we have to commend Joseline Hernandez on staying true to being "a bad bitch and making money." Since season 1, the "Puerto Rican princess" has never strayed from her money-hungry, I'm-that-bitch mentality. While many people hated on her boastful ways in the beginning, now they can't help but do the "Kanye shrug" and accept her for who she is. Now, if she can just get the wedding she wants to get the haters to stop talking.

Mimi on the other hand needs to own up to the decisions that she's made. "Today I wake up and Nikko tells me that the biggest porn company in the world wants us to fly to L.A., because they have our sex tape. What the f---?" If you're so mad, why are you packing your bags to board this plane, Mimi? A normal woman in this situation would have blacked out and put her partner in his place. She seems to be enjoying the ride.

As Mr. Smith is sharing the details of their "leaked" tape's current whereabouts, all "Molly the Maid" can say is, "So basically, I'm a f---ing porn star by default?" Well, yes. That's what happens when someone gets so "into things" and "don't even know that red dot is on."

At the end of the day, Nikko is only concerned if Steve Hirsch, founder of Vivid Entertainment, is "talking about a lot of paper." She heads to the airport with him and stands by her man, even returing with a smile on herr face. The only thing we have to say to Mimi is "Girl, bye." Someone please nominate Ms. Faust for an Oscar because the tears she mustard up in Steve Hirsch's L.A. office are pretty priceless.

Now when it comes to Scrappy and Erika, things seem a little suspect. Erika asks Scrap to meet her to talk, but we can all quickly see that the man behind 'Neva Eva' will never not be in love with the mother of his child. But if he says he's happy for her, people have no choice but to believe it because he has Bambi now, right?

But if there isn't enough drama going on with the show's primary characters, Karlie Redd just has to add to the nonsense with her new show piece man, Yung Joc. Truth be told, no one knows what Karlie really does, but she's great for hooking up with rappers by the looks of it here. For example, "This is my man, Jasiel Robinson. Grammy-nominated, Forbes list, hit maker, Yung Joc." We get it, Joc was cool in '06 when he dropped 'It's Goin' Down' and 'Do Ya Bad.' Even when he released 'Coffee Shop' in 2007, people were still talking but now it's 2014. She really can't big up someone that hasn't been hot in seven years. Please, a show of hands for anyone who thinks it's time for Karlie Redd to be replaced. VH1, it's unanimous -- next!

Mona Scott-Young couldn't let the second episode of 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' end without pimping her cast out to the fullest. So who better to exploit Stevie J other than Nikko? Just after Steven Jordan gets done confronting his baby mom's about her newly-leaked nude photos, the hit producer decides to pay a visit to the man responsible for the solicited footage. And what happens next? Nikko tries to fight Stevie J through a fence just seconds before the credits roll.

Ready for more 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta'? Be sure to tune in next week!