After a two-week break for the holidays, 'Love & Hip Hop' is back with a brand new episode full of drama -- a not-so perfect way to kick off the year.

At the end of episode two, Amina Buddafly stumbled on Peter Gunz having dinner with Tara and their kids. Amina gets emotional, leaving Peter clueless as to what he should do with her and Tara comes to the rescue. She calms Amina down and explains that these meet-ups are for their sons. While this doesn't mean they're going to be besties after this, at least it didn't blow up like Cyn Santana and Erica Mena did.

After meeting up with her friend Albee, Erica finds out that Cyn was creeping behind her back with other men. Things blow up when they meet at a restaurant, and the yelling match turns into a smack in the face. Yes, Erica slaps (or possibly scratches) Cyn in the face. As Cyn starts to break down and walk away, it's clear that these two are done -- or are they? While New York is a big city, the past four seasons proved that the Big Apple is a lot smaller than everyone thinks, especially when it comes to avoiding your ex at Amina's baby shower.

Erica starts to apologize to Cyn at the shower, which is an improvement from the scuffle they previously had. And although Erica is groveling at one point, Cyn is still on the fence about what to do with their relationship -- even if it just turns into a platonic one.

But back to Amina and Peter Gunz. At the apartment, Amina tells Peter that their baby is too small for the 35 weeks she's been with child. This makes Peter realize that he really has to be supportive and around for his wife. However, that may be easier said than done since he plans to take his sons -- and Tara -- on a vacation to Barbados. This might be a problem.

Diamond and Cisco have been on the rocks since she told him about her daughter in episode two. However, this week, it looks like Cisco isn't as innocent as he appears. After talking to Rich Dollaz and his mother, we find out that he not only has a daughter but also a 6-month-old baby, whom he had with his daughter's baby mama while he was still dating Diamond.

With Rich and his mom pushing him to come clean, Cisco throws a party at the Griffin nightclub in New York City's Meatpacking District in Diamond's honor. With all the fun going on, Cisco thinks it would be the best time to tell Diamond about the baby -- only problem is, she doesn't seem to take it as well as he thought.

Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris make us believe that at least a few cast members can really be in a good relationship on 'Love and Hip Hop.' Although they did have a little (and we mean little) argument about the fact that Yandy looks sexier and got breast implants, it seemed to end as quickly as it started. And to make things more sappy, the two get tattoos together to signify their never-ending love.

While this recap ends on a good note, this show hardly ever stays that way. So check back next week to find out who's fighting with whom, how this family trip to Barbados pans out and what adorably romantic thing Yandy and Mendeecees do next.

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