If you're looking for that show to jump right into the drama, then last night's episode of 'Love & Hip Hop' was saturated in it.

Peter Gunz seemed to be trying to make some "lifestyle changes" and really be there for his lady, but which lady one of the two? Although he promised to set things right with his wife, Amina Buddafly, in last week's episode after finding out they're having a baby girl, this week we find the 'Uptown' rapper playing house with his ex, Tara, instead. But how, you ask? Well, Amina admits that Peter normally leaves the house early in the morning and then comes back late. Then in this episode, we find him ditching their plans and he ends up spending time with Tara and their two sons.

While it's sweet to see him feeding his son at Cantino Corsino Italiana in New York City's West Village, wasn't he supposed to be the ideal man for Amina now? Things get more dicey when Amina actually catches him with Tara and the boys. What's Peter's excuse now? While we're not sure what line he pulls, next week's episode shows Tara and Amina hashing things out, and it looks like Tara might come out the winner of that discussion.

Meanwhile, new cast addition Diamond Strawberry is settling into her new life in New York with her man, Cisco, only to find out that he's having a few commitment issues. He doesn't want her to live with him, but rather stay with one of his friends. Things get more complicated when Diamond's mom comes to town and pushes her daughter to tell the producer about her 6-year-old daughter. So like mama said, she meets up with her man and lays it all out for him. Unfortunately, he doesn't take the news well and tells her that their relationship is "canceled."

Sure, we know Cisco's got commitment issues and still seems to be mending a broken heart (and ego). However, next week he drops the bomb when he tells Diamond that he cheated on her and now has a son, too. Now who's the bad guy in this situation?

Even though Erica Mena and Cyn Santana looked like they were going real strong in last week's episode, Chrissy Monroe's entrance into season five proves very difficult for Erica to really keep this good thing going with Cyn. After bringing up that Erica was one of her escorts back in the day, the New York City pimptress has been on a mission to take this chick down. And she really does in a big way when the two ladies get into a confrontation at a mutual friend's party. After the two start yelling at each other, Chrissy seems to get her revenge when she literally takes Erica to the ground.

And if you think that's bad, things seem to be getting worse when Cyn sees a video showing Erica licking champagne off another girl's booty at a party she was hosting. Then it goes completely south when Cyn finds out that "Ms. Mena Mondays" was hooking for Chrissy. While you'd think she's mad over the news, Cyn admits that she's more upset that she had to find out from Chrissy.

With all the drama, it's nice to know that there's still so much love coming from Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris. After Mendeecees whisks his lady away to Vegas, we ended last week's episode with a chance that the two may get hitched. However, things didn't end the way he originally thought when she admitted she wanted her family and "32 bridesmaids" to be there, too. And although Mendeecees looks a bit disappointed, he knew she was right, and the two walk out of the chapel without a ring on. They're definitely happily ever after though.

Although that might get you swooning a bit, this season of 'Love & Hip Hop' is as ridiculous as ever. And we're sure this is only the beginning. So tune in next week to find out whose lies are exposed and who hits the floor because we all know the fights are a show staple.