In this week's episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Rich Dollaz bumps heads with Moniece Slaughter's mom, Soulja Boy gets caught in his web of lies and Ray J and Princess break up.

First up, we have Moniece working out with her mom but it isn't long before the two discuss their problematic relationship. Moniece says her mother is too judgmental and critical. However, her mom, Marla, thinks her daughter isn't focused. They move on to Moniece's love life. Although mama Slaughter disapproves of her daughter dating Rich Dollaz, she agrees to meet him.

Rich Dollaz cann't stop thinking about Moniece when he went to back to New York City so he decided to move in with his boo. But, just as things are going well, Moniece drops a bombshell -- they're having dinner with her mom. Rich isn't happy and is immediately against the idea. But Moniece tells him that she's trying to mend her relationship with her mother. Rich suggests that they should have more alone time to work out their issues but Moniece assures him that her mother meeting him serves as an olive branch. Rich gets on board.

She thanks bae for coming to meet her mother especially since it's out of his comfort zone. But almost immediately Marla comes at Rich since he has a reputation and was arrested for not paying child support. Rich says he's taking care of business and tells Moniece's mother not to throw stones. He decides not to accept Marla in his life even though he's dating Moniece.

On the other side of Hollywood, Soulja Boy tells Nia that Nas showed up at his house. In order to squash the confusion, he wants to handle it with his girl, Nia, at his side. Nia agrees only to be able to hear the truth from both sides.

But it seems to be a terrible plan on Soulja Boy's part. Although he tells Nas that Nia is his girl, Nas has the texts that prove differently. And she shows them to Nia. Apparently, Soulja said he wants Nas back. Now seeing that his plan backfired, Soulja Boy threatens to stop talking to both of them and claims he still has millions of girls after him. If that's the case, why does he still text Nas? She also tells Nia that she should be thanking her, but she'll never thank a "hoe" for anything. More insults are thrown between the women until Nas gets riled up and comes for Nia. The two are pulled apart by security.

Soulja Boy apologizes to Nia but she isn't hearing what he has to say. He gives her his $5,000 chain and tell her that he loves her. But Nia only stares blankly ahead as he goes to kiss her. It seems troubled relationships are contagious in Hollywood.

Ray J meets with his manager, Cash, who tells him that he needs to get focused. But Ray J has Princess on his mind -- he thinks she may be heading to Las Vegas after getting the info from Teairra Mari. Cash warns him that it may be Teairra's ploy to make him lose Princess. Ray J decides to take Princess along to Miami for his video shoot.

While in Miami, Ray J shoots the visuals for "Brown Sugar" with Lil Wayne. But he doesn't invite Princess to the set (which also has a bunch of nearly naked women around). Princess shows up to the video shoot and Ray tells her he knows about the trip to Sin City. Princess tells him about her plan and gives him the side eye for keeping a direct line open with Teairra. Now, she's fed up and breaks up with him.

Ray J is hurt but he admits that he doesn't trust Princess anymore either. She strikes back by saying she lost respect for him when he let her go to jail. She throws some water and the plastic bottle at him before calling him a "bitch ass n----."

New couple alert: Shanda and Willie Taylor from Day 26 join the show on the fifth episode as two newbies in L.A. They've been together for 13 years and Willie is going solo in his career. Unfortunately, they only have enough money saved up to live for six months.

Since they're new in town, Apryl calls Shanda in for a workout session to catch up. Shanda talks about going back to exotic dancing but Apryl shoots her down since she's getting older and it wouldn't be a good look for the mother-of-two.

But back at home, Shanda is stressing over bills that haven't been paid. Willie tells Shanda that she's not going back to stripping but she'll do what it takes to provide for her kids. Willie doesn't want to go back down that road and assures her that he won't fail her. Shanda wants to help and says she can't solely depend on him. All he asks for his trust.

Meanwhile, Amber asks Miles to lunch to to get an update on their relationship status but he only requests her patience. Amber isn't having it since she sees him and Milan partying it up on social media -- she still doesn't know he's gay. Miles wants to keep his best friend around but he can't give her the romantic relationship that she wants. And that's not enough. Amber gets up, throws her napkin at him and walks out.

With matching tattoos, Miles and Milan move in together. Miles shares his worries with Amber living down the street but Milan doesn't get why he's so concerned about his ex. He threatens that Miles has to tell Amber about them soon or else he'll do it. Miles says he'll lose him if he does that but he also works up the nerve to tell Amber the truth. Or so we thought. Miles goes to Amber's house but chickens out.

He doesn't go home though -- he went to his aunt's house. But Milan isn't buying it because he followed Miles to Amber's house -- he just didn't see him go inside. He wants Miles out of their crib but now they both reside there, so he's not leaving. Since there's no trust between them Milan closes the door on Miles before he can move all of his stuff out. Since he didn't come clean, Miles is left with a single box of his belongings.

To experience all of the drama and madness, watch the full episode here.

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