If fans thought 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' was as ratchet as reality television gets, then they were in for a rude awakening when the sixth episode of 'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood' aired on VH1 last night. With the classic "bleep" sounding off every other minute to indicate profanity-laced conversation, the show might have broken the record for most bleeped-out dialogue in #LHH history. And it all started with two people: Teairra Mari and L.A. promoter Sincere.

In an attempt to revive her non-existent singing career, Teairra reaches out to Ms. Diddy and Sincere in hopes they'll use their names and the Supperclub to remind people that a "seven"-year hiatus is only a set up for a comeback -- or so she thinks. Knowing the Supperclub has a reputation for "prime time performers" as Ms. Diddy puts it, the L.A. promoters quickly shut down the former Def Jam singer's request to make a headlining comeback performance.

Sincere keeps things blunt and honest. "J.Lo was here one night. They don't care to come see Teairra." As an alternative, contrary to his better judgement, Sincere offers Ms. Diddy [and Teairra] a better idea. "Do something smaller, more intimate...so these mothaf----ers can really hear you sing." While Sincere's suggestion seems ideal, T Mari can't help but get defensive about the brutal honesty used to describe the current state of her career dream. But it's show business, so Sincere tells Teairra he'll agree to put the event together under one condition: "I need you to show up, and show the f--- out."

While the 'Phone Booth' songstress may have thought she was ready to show Hollywood exactly what they've been missing since she's been "gone," Supperclub's crowd was really there to remind Teairra she needs to find a new dream. The R&B singer showed up alright -- in an unflattering blue cotton spandex dress and a cat ear headband. And the look on Sincere's face said it all.

Teairra hit the stage with plenty of confidence, but that clearly wasn't enough to woo the crowd because she couldn't hit one note. But her excuse was timeless. "I can tell I'm having problems hitting some of the notes, but that's what I'm here for: to dust off my chops. And that's what I keep telling myself." But shouldn't she have been practicing before she hit the stage?

Aside from overall crowd disapproval, Sincere is beyond displeased with Tea's performance and has no problem sharing his disgust about what he saw onstage. While most fans will probably agree with his critical feedback, he definitely went a little too far. But hey, everything's for the cameras, right? But as the Supperclub promoter keeps talking, Teairra finds herself swinging, and once again it's clear she needs to get her violent persona under control.

Teairra is busy fighting yet another cast member, but Morgan is fighting for some professional freedom from Ray J. Everyone knows that never goes well. Yesi wants to check in with Morgan and see how things are going with her and her overbearing Hollywood boss. Trying to help her find her niche in the industry -- other than being a celebrity assistant -- the Power 106 personality asks Morgan if she'd be interested in doing some red carpet interviews for Power 106's Power House event.

Reluctant to say yes, Yesi convinces Morgan it's time to put in some work for herself; and Morgan thinks Ray will be happy for her. But when Willy Norwood, Jr., catches wind of his loyal assistant taking a professional leap to do something for herself, he just doesn't know how to deal. So what else can he do but fire her. Clearly he has some issues he needs to work out. Maybe he and Teairra should go hit up a therapist together.

To close off this 60-minute drama, Miss Nikki Baby finally comes to her senses and confronts Mally Mall about the extent of his relationship with Masika after she has a little woman-to-woman chat with the producer's "side piece." Realizing that there's more to the video vixen than she wanted to believe, Miss Nikki asks Mally over for dinner with her family; but what he doesn't know is this is actually a set-up for an interrogation about his infidelity. Quickly getting caught up in his own lies, Mally storms out of the house as Nikki tells him she's washing her hands of their relationship. Who knows, maybe Miss Nikki Baby isn't all plastic and silicone after all?

Check back next week for the drama and catfights on 'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.'