With Joseline back in the ATL, this season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta just got a whole lot crazier. After dropping bombs on Tommie and Karlie last week, it's clear Joseline has got some schemes up her sleeve.

Let's start with Tommie. After Joseline told Tommie that her man, Scrapp, has not only been creeping around with his baby mama, Tiarra, but also another girl, Tommie had no choice but to confront him. So she rolled up to his loft, wearing nothing but some lingerie, a pair of nylons and her fur coat, and burst through her man's apartment.

She then started tearing up the place in an attempt to find out any proof. Unfortunately for her, she just looked like a fool and found nothing that proved that Scrapp had a third woman in his life. And all the embarrassment was so much for her that she ran into the street and even tried to beg a delivery truck to take her home. Of course, security got a hold of her and made sure the scorned woman was taken home safely.

Scrapp wasn't sure what is happening. So during a paintball trip with the guys, he brought it up to his Uncle Stevie. Stevie was blown away by the news but figured Joseline was up to no good.

Joseline also threatened Karlie in last week's episode about some crazy tea that the Puerto Rican Princess planned to send to the blogs. While she never revealed what this gossip is, Joseline continuously waved some envelope in Karlie's face, which her now ex-friend said was "evil."

Her rampage on Atlanta continued as she then accused Stevie and KK, Scrapp's mom, that they were also in a previous tryst. Considering the fact that Stevie and KK have known each other for over a decade, the two viewed each other as brother and sister and felt that Joseline's incestuous comments were uncalled for. But everyone tried to play it cool. Joseline claimed that the past is the past and invited KK and the rest of the family to come to her video premiere party, but KK knew that there's something fishy about Stevie's current wife.

Of all the people Joseline was actually on good terms with was Mimi. While we all thought hell would freeze over before that happened, the two have been cordial and even went shopping for furniture for Mimi's new house. But when you get these ladies together for drinks, of course, there was going to be some gossip. But when we thought she was going to dish out more info on Stevie and KK's supposed affair, she handed Mimi information about the fact that KK had multiple run-ins with the law and even appeared on America's Most Wanted. While Mimi appreciated the heads up, she knew that this is only one step into Mimi's ultimate plot.

Before party, Mimi had a housewarming party with her ladies and also included Tiarra into the mix. Although everyone wondered why one of the women who messed up Chris' birthday party would actually be at Mimi's housewarming, Tiarra explained herself. Once that was settled, the conversation moved towards Joseline as Mimi invited everyone to the princess' video party. Instead of a rousing "yes" from the crowd, everyone started dishing their issues with Joseline including Karlie, who showed up late but was ready to reveal their run-in.

While things seemed to be good with Mimi and Joseline, things ultimately went south when Joseline met Chris. Although Chris wasn't too excited about going to Joseline's party, she was convinced to attend. But the moment the new couple arrived, Joseline started digging at Chris and obviously that frustrated Mimi as well. Well, it looks like there's another bridge that's been burned.

One thing that did happen on Monday night's (May 2) episode not involving Joseline was the moment Kirk and Lil Scrappy squared things away. After Kirk apologized to his friend, things ended on a good note.

While most of the episode was tainted with Joseline's wrath, at least there were a couple of good things to come out of it. But how long will that last? Tune in next week to find out.