After 19 weeks of complete and utter chaos, 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' finally took a bow with Part 3 of its prolonged, weave-pulling, hook-throwing reunion. With two reunion episodes down, jaded audiences were probably asking what could possibly be left to discuss. But that question was quickly answered when host Sommore jumped right into the biggest "social media frenzy" after giving a quick rehash of Sleazy and Zino's epic brawl.

With some simple replay technology, and Mimi and Nikko onstage to face a stage full of judgmental souls, Mimi's good friend, Ariane, is the first to lash out at Nikko, calling him a "trashbag." To prevent another prison riot from breaking out, Sommore interjects and asks the question everyone has already answered in their heads: "Did you leak the tape?" With eyes rolling from stage left to stage right, Sommore wants to know if Nikko will take a lie detector test. Everyone knows the answer to that would be an easy, "No." "I'm sticking true to what I am and who I am. I didn't leak the tape," Nikko says.

Of course Ariane is the first to call out ATL's worst boyfriend for being a "misogynistic asshole" who just doesn't like women. But the best part of this convo was "Leako's" response. "You're not even a loyal friend. Where were you when her father died? Because I was there," Nikko states. Did he suddenly forget he's been married for the past 10 years, and forgot to mention during his one-year relationship with Mama Faust?

It's clear Nikko isn't ever going to admit that he did anything wrong when it comes to Mimi, so Sommore asks the cast another simple question. "By a show of hands, who thinks Nikko leaked the tape?" All hands go up, except Mimi's, and Rasheeda chimes in to say, "I feel like if you would just keep it real, we would all be better off." But during the midst of the is-he-or-isn't-he-a-dog drama, Mimi gets her Tammy Wynette on and stands by her man -- because she doesn't have anyone else to sleep with right now. So if anyone thought Molly the Maid had any remaining self-respect from this situation based off the #LHHATL season finale, it's clear she threw all of it out the window. Let's just hope Eva knows not to follow in her mom's footsteps.

Mimi flaunts the fact that she and Nikko are the first two African Americans to be approached by Steve Hirsch's porn production company. Plus their tape has been the highest grossing tape in the history of Vivid Entertainment to date. So clearly, Mimi Faust has a lot to be proud of. Unfortunately she's too lovestruck to see the perpetual blank stares she's receiving from the entire 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' cast. Sommore should have asked for a raise of hands for those who are just over Mimi and her stupidity.

When the topic switches from the sex tape to Nikko's marriage, Karlie Redd starts crying as VH1 replays the footage of Mimi finding out her man is married. With what seems to be real tears falling down her face, Yung Joc sits there with a smirk and eyes rolling as Ms. Redd says she can relate to everything Mimi is going through with the Stevie J wannabe. She doesn't understand why they keep picking the same type of wack ass men. And of course, Nikko just sits their laughing with a smile. You really got a winner, Mimi. You're fans are so proud. *insert blank stare here*

But we all know the final reunion episode can't end unless Stevie J and Benzino finally get the chance to speak. Once Atlanta's ratchet convention finished taping, the cameras went to an offsite location to meet with Mr. and Mrs. Jordan and Benzino and Althea separately. Since Sleazy and Joseline were more than ready to talk, producer Stefan Springman tackles the infamous wedding debate, but surprise surprise, the two still can't provide a consistent answer pertaining to their wedding date. So just like the epic question of "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a lollipop" seems like it'll go unanswered, so is the case here.

Meanwhile, when the cameras go to Benzino and Althea, Benzino snaps when Springman tries to address the onstage fight during the reunion. Since Z won't speak, the producer says filming the Hip Hop Weekly exec and his wifey is a wrap because there's no point. Somehow ZIno magically morphs into the Hulk, and just jumps calling Stefan a "punk mothaf---a," all while trying to take off his jacket to fight him. Clearly, he's lost it.
When Benzino finally agrees to sit down and speak about the reunion, the only thing Stefan has to say is "Let's just get on with the interview."

What did #LHHATL fans learn from season three, and more importantly, the reunions? 1. Joseline needs therapy but won't go. 2. Benzino has serious anger problems 3. Althea is easily trained. 4. Stevie J and Benzino are no longer brothers. 5. Mimi is perfectly fine teaching her 3-year-old daughter to throw away all values and self-respect when it comes to sex, men and money. 6. Stevie is proud to say this was "by far the most exciting 'Love & Hip Hop' reunion that has ever been made.