The drama was front and center during Part 2 of the 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' reunion. The story picked up right where it left off last week with Joseline and Stevie J plowing across the stage and jumping on Benzino and Althea like wild beasts. In case anyone doesn't remember -- even though the beginning of the end was replayed throughout the entirety of last night's episode -- it only took 30 seconds of misplaced stares and a string of "whats" for the taping to go from zero to 100 real quick.

With right hooks flying, Louboutin's kicking in the air, furniture flying and Joseline and Mr. Jordan on 10, the stage fell to pieces as the couple's anger was put on full display. After Benzino started swinging on Sleazo's girl, things were only going to go downhill from there. As security thought they were starting to get things seemingly under control -- with six security guards holding Stevie J light-as-a-feather-stiff-as-a-board style, and carrying him away from anyone he might go after -- the ATL producer breaks free, looking for the man he once called his brother. Only he was stopped by security again.

Meanwhile, Althea and Joseline are across the stage and for a brief moment the only thing the audience hears is Zino screaming, "Get off me. Yo get my girl." Thi Thi then gets away from security and sprints for a bottle to throw at Joseline. If that isn't crazy enough, everything just spills over from onstage to backstage. VH1 cuts the cameras, and the only thing viewers hear is "she comin', she comin'" while watching this message appear on the screen: "As security tried to contain the fighting and escort the cast off stage, Joseline and Stevie J broke free."

Apparently Joseline's been studying the ways of the Jedi and how to be a ninja because audiences members watch the "Puerto Rican Princess" appear out of nowhere and swing on Tammy while pulling her silky ponytail out and waving it around like she did something prosperous. Tammy ain't no soft chick, so she was there swinging back before security stepped in and tried to stop her. Too bad that didn't last long. The new Mrs. Malphurs broke free to grab a handful of bottles, throwing them at Joseling in hopes to knock the chick out. Before cutting to commercial, Stevie J takes off his shirt ready to start swinging again.

Does anyone else feel like Sommore should magically appear right here and say, "Let's take a break?"

After the first of what seems like 20 needed commercial breaks, cast members and viewers learn that Stevie J and Joseline were escorted out of the building while Benzino and Althea were more than happy to leave the taping. Sommore introduces the remaining cast -- Mama Dee, Tammy, Kirk, Rasheeda, Erica Dixon, Bambi, Scrappy, Nikko, Kaleena, Tony, Karlie Redd and Yung Joc -- as she expresses that what took place onstage was not scripted nor condoned and explains that the network was forced to release the audience from the taping. But let's be real, we know Mona Scott-Young is loving these fight-inspired ratings right now.

As Erica Dixon gives the breakdown of how things got started, each cast member speaks on their shock and concern for Joseline, especially Deb Antney who appears most affected. "The rage is too much," says Deb. "You fightin' four or five people for no reason." Deb returns to the stage, along with Mimi, Ariane and Tammy, after a second commercial break and things seemingly calm down. But before they do, Tammy and her mother-in-law are backstage speaking to Waka, who couldn't attend the taping because he was on tour, giving him the taping play-by-play. The only thing Tammy can yell is, "You were supposed to be here with me," but later admits that it was a blessing that he wasn't because things would have gotten a lot worse.

As Mama Dee appears to have a level head these days, she gives her two cents saying, "A lot of people cannot handle fame," while explaining that in this business, attention is one of the biggest drugs. Kirk chimes in saying, "Benzino and Stevie J have finally hit the boiling point." And this time, it doesn't look like they'll be able to kiss and make up. As the cast tries to dissect what happened, it seems there's a consensus that Joseline  and her maybe-husband were hyped up on cocaine or other drugs. They all think she has an extreme substance abuse problem. But still very concerned about Joseline, Deb says, "That's her medication to ease her pain... something else is going on inside her." Ariane adds to the convo: "I think Joseline is a beautiful girl... but I think she's a product of her environment."

Four main cast members had to leave, so VH1 brought in secondary characters -- Ashley, Kaleena's girlfriend friend, and Dawn, Joseline's former manager --  to fill up space. Surprisingly, Dawn lets tears fall as she tells the cast and viewers how things have gone wrong with her former friend, and how her relationship with Stevie has sent her on a downward spiral. Joc jumps in calling the couple the new Bobby and Whitney. "[This] is who they are collectively, and it's a disaster piece... It's a harmonious, tragic love story."

As the cameras pan the stage, Sommore asks Nikko what was going on in his head and why he didn't go after Mimi when the fight broke out. His response: security moved him off stage, and told her him to wait in a different room. He just assumed Mimi was good. Please insert your blank stare here. Mr. Smith gets no attention on this recap.

To continue the show, Tammy speaks on the drama that grew between herself and Joseline throughout the show while Mimi just shakes her head in disgust. But before Part 2 wraps for the night, cameras go back and forth between Stevie J and Joseline, and Althea and Benzino giving snippets of their versions of what happened. Then, cameras leave viewers with a preview of what's to come for the reunion finale-- of course there's another brutal brawl.

Stay tuned! Part 3 is just seven days away.