The drama and heartbreak continue on the new episode of 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,' with Waka Flocka Flame having a hard time saying goodbye to his brother, Joseline wanting a divorce and more.

After announcing Atlanta's newest restaurant and nightclub, Sleazy & Zino Bar & Bistro, Stevie J and Benzino are finally ready to celebrate the grand opening of their latest business venture. To kick off the excitement, Zino tells Stevie he's ready to propose to Althea -- the good girl with a sweet smile that's hard to resist. But remember Karlie Redd? She's the singer-actress-nobody-knows-what-she-does that was in the Hip Hop Weekly head honcho's life five minutes before he was ready to settle down -- ring and all -- and everyone sees how that turned out.

"I think she's my soul mate, so why wait," Zino tells Stevie, and all viewers see is the camera cutting to the caramel beauty with an big smile. Unfortunately, the believe-none-of-what-you-see mentality applies here because it turns out Althea (aka Hoethea if you let Joseline Hernandez and Karlie Redd tell it), has made her way around the block and been on her Drake and the Weeknd tip loving the crew. Although Thea and Zino have been dating for six months, rumor has it that the so-called goody two-shoes has slept with 'Love & Hip Hop's' finest, including Nikko and Stevie J. The problem: she's only told Benzino about Nikko -- her high school hook-up.

But while Zino is busy planning another proposal, Kirk Frost is busy stirring up new trouble with old feelings by telling Karlie Redd about her ex's current situation. Kirk runs into Karlie at her new man's showcase, and asks her if she's cool with Joc running so many "businesses" as he carves out multiple silhouettes of curvacious women. Then he candidly let's her know that he's glad she's moved on because Zino has as well.

It's no secret that Karlie is a messy one, so it's only right that she tell Mr. Frost that she "misses the D." Well, her exact words were, "I miss him," but good ol' Kirk will always find a way to twist something around. During this entire interaction, there's only one question that should be swimming through everyone's mind: Why is Kirk concerned about love lives that don't include him when he can't get his own marriage on track?

As Kirk and Karlie are talking, the troublemaker mentions Benzino's bar opening, and of course, Ms. Redd can't miss that event. While the cameras show crowds of people arriving to Sleazy and Zino's opening night, Karlie decides to randomly share the small and limp nature of Benzino's penial status with baby mama Erica. But how is Karlie going to profess her emotional "I miss you, Benzino" to the world then play his manhood? If no one learns anything from this season of 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,' please retain the face that Karlie Redd is bat s--- cray, and she proves it every time she steps in front of the camera.

Before moving on, Bambi needs a quick shout out. She saw something she didn't like, and she dipped. Dear Bambi, thank you choosing not to add to anymore of Scrappy and Momma Dee's wack and ratchet behavior.

Now that that's been said, let's go back to Althea and Benzino for a moment. During the Bar & Bistro opening, Karlie makes a point to run into #LHHATL's new couple -- probably with the intentions of starting as much drama as possible. But before Redd can bring unwarranted, dramatic tactics to life, Althea shows her by attempting to check a situation that no one evens know occurred, including herself. Zino's bride-to-be started off playing the good girl role, but now everyone see she's just as ratchet as the rest of them. Her question: What's her angle? It's clear she has an agenda, but no one knows what or why.

To make matters worse, Benzino knows about her past with Nikko. So when he says he does not want to attend Nikko and Mimi's one-year anniversary party, Althea's immediate response is, "So I gotta waste an outfit because of something that happened 15 years ago?" The THOT statements coming out of her mouth are real. Her man says he doesn't want to go somewhere because of a situation she created, and the only thing she can say is basically to suck it up and go. It's clear that marriage is not going to last long once Zino proposes.

Now, leaving that situation alone, there are plenty of side eyes and eye rolls to go around for Mimi and Nikko being Atlanta's newest power couple, but that will be a topic for next week. The real topic now should be Joseline's abrupt need for a divorce. She claims she found a slew of naked pictures in her hubby's phone, which is probably true, but Stevie showed her exactly who he was when they got together. Did Jo really think things would be different. You can't teach an old dog new tricks. Joseline knows that. Her side eye quotes of the night include "I love my husband, but I don't trust him," followed by, "You wanna talk about the wedding...let's talk about the divorce."

According to love in hip-hop, marriage is just another dating game these days.

But with all the club fights, cat fights and familial affairs, this episode showed that even hip-hop's limelight can't protect anyone from tragedy and heartbreak. During the filming of this show, KayO Redd, Waka Flocka Flame's youngest brother, committed suicide because of relentless cyber bullying about his family's personal life. The loss of KayO seemed unbearable for Deb Antney, Waka and KayO's mother, but it looks impossible for Waka to comprehend and handle.

"Waka doesn't deal with death very well. His dealing is to stay away from things," Deb told Tammy after the ATL MC walked out of the room while his mother tried to grieve with her family. KayO was just 22 years old.

As a result of KayO's death, Deb Antney has founded No R.I.P. (Reckless Internet Posting), a movement that speaks out against the cruelty that sits inside the Internet's cyber walls. "I find the Internet to be the murder capital of the world," says Antney. "You kill spirits, and you also take lives."

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