On this week's episode of 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' (or what we like to call 'As Atlanta's Hip-Hop World Turns'), the never-ending saga of Stevie J and Joseline's counterfeit marriage continues.

Benzino asks Stevie J to meet with him, Dawn and Mimi to get confirmation on the wedding. Did it really go down? If not, Mimi wants Hip Hop Weekly to print a retraction considering the publication already featured a story about Joseline and Stevie J's nuptials. (Eyes should be rolling right now. Just sayin').

When Sleazo arrives, cameras cut to his confessional, and he seems to think the same thing as everybody else. "I'm wondering why this is so important to Mimi. If I didn't know any better, I'd think she's still feelin' the guy," he says. As much as people hope it's not the case, it looks like she's having trouble going with her Stevie withdrawals. He's married and moved on. Mimi needs to just let it go, and enjoy the exploiting jump off she fell in love with.

But while Mimi is losing her mind over a man that isn't hers, the queen of Atlanta's invisible castle is busy inserting herself into extramarital affairs that don't involve her.

After Erica Pinkett and Bambi's blow up during Scrappy's 30th birthday party, Momma Dee took it upon herself to ask Erica to lunch to discuss her "position." Surprisingly, Ms. Dee checks a chick for crossing the line, telling Pinkett she has no business speaking about The Bam's miscarriage. The Boston-bred groupie offers an artificial apology, but follows it with commentary that proves she's bought her way into Momma Dee's palace.

"A king should not be walking with a peasant. He ain't got the p---- fax on [Bambi]," she states. First of all, why is Erica comparing Bam's sexual history to a CarFax report? Everyone has a past, and it's about time Mona Scott-Young brought on some new cast members to highlight all of Pinkett's visits to the ultimate HO-oasis over the years.

But going back to Scrap's party, it's obvious Momma Dee is still looking for answers so Erica P. responds by throwing more shade at Bambi instead of owning up to the fact that she wild out. "Everything about the other night proved what I've been hearing about this rat from Compton," she says.

The only thing that night proved was that Erica Pinkett is nuts and needs to take an intensive anger management class. But it definitely didn't reveal that about Bambi. Moral of the story: Erica is fake. She says Scrappy reaches out to her on the late-night-inappropriate-tip, and responds by saying she's not the one. But isn't this the same chick that asked Scrap if she could be the type of woman for him to love? Girl, bye.

Pinkett already proved she's a little off, but the icing on the cake is her three-minute sit-down with Bam and Momma Dee. The Bam said five words: "She doesn't have a position." Next thing people see is Erica P. spazzing out, jumping across the table, throwing her Christian Louboutin heels at Bambi and of course, getting dragged out by security once again. Is anyone else over this -- should we say -- THOT?

The palace queen didn't help the situation, but no one expects any better from her. The only positive thing that comes from this is when Bambi let Momma Dee and the rest of the world know that she's done with the drama.

Meanwhile, as it seems Mimi and Dawn have finally laid the quest for marriage validation to rest, the two decide to move forward and do some business together. Mimi is convinced that Dawn is the perfect manager because she's worked with and represented people in the adult entertainment industry before (i.e. models in Playboy.) However, it seems like Mimi is a bit confused because posing for Playboy and starring in a porn featuring different oral fixations and flexible angles are two different things. Her reason for wanting Dawn on the team: someone needs to help manage her public perception.

"I have to control my image. I have to control the message that I'm putting out.. I'll never be comfortable being labeled as a porn star, but Dawn assured me that there's a way we can spin this into a great business opportunity," Mimi shares. Well, Mimi, you're doing a great job "controlling" your image. Every little girl at your daughter's school is going to look at you and say, "Mommy, why did Eva's mom put her mouth on that boy's thing?" And mothers across Atlanta will be lining up to move their daughters away from the new and improved ratchet Mimi.

To wrap things up, it looks like Tammy and Waka are officially here to stay because they keep getting more airtime. But instead of claiming Switzerland and being a neutral player with a cute face, Tammy had to jumps right into war with Joseline, and just like Erica P., she shows her ass while doing so.

But hey, by the end of the show, it's just another day in ratchet reality TV. Until next time.