As the first episode of 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' season 3 kicked off last night, there was only one thing on everyone's mind: the shower rod. But if you understand television, and the script writers producers behind it -- like Mona Scott-Young -- then you'd know that Mimi Faust's sex tape (which has an interesting scene with a shower rod) wouldn't be featured on the  premiere. They have to keep you coming back for more, right?

So, looking to capitalize off the hottest newlyweds, the episode opens up with Stevie J gloating about his new 18,000 square-foot home, and of course the new Mrs. Jordan aka Joseline. The "Baddest Bitch" came up, and you have to admit, she looks good. Their marriage isn't news, but who knew they would be a perfect fit for each other? Now, on to the juice!

Mimi has been the center of hip-hop gossip headlines ever since the sex tape "leaked." But after last night's episode, we can all help the reality star reflect on how this situation came to light. Last season, audiences around the country thought Mimi and Nikko were a wrap because she was "damaged" in his eyes, and getting Rollies that don't tick-tock. But clearly that was all just for show because "Molly the Maid" is singing a different tune.

"Yes, Nikko and I are on again," she said to the world. "My friends think he's trouble, but I'm having the time of my life. I'm having the best sex of my life. I don't really care what anyone else thinks." There you go boys and girls. She didn't care what people thought of her public sexcapades when she was filming the show so why would she care now?

While Mimi and Nikko lay down for a little pillow chat after the reality star starts humming out her version of Usher's 'Confessions,' all she can say is how that little red dot on the camera means nothing when she gets in the mood. "I like the fact that I'm so comfortable with you that I've done things I've never done before," she utters to Nikko. [Side eye goes here]. You mean like making a porn sex tape and signing a deal with Steve Hirsch? Yeah, that would probably be a first for a lot of people.

The 40-plus-year-old raves about her new obsession with filming her shower rod pull ups and missionary positions, so why wouldn't she want to share them with the world? According to the show, that was never her plan, but we don't learn that until Nikko spills the beans about his luggage being "stolen" after a trip and (surprise, surprise), the camera with the sex tapes was in the bag. And even more shocking, the footage magically landed on Was anyone else caught off guard here? Or was it just Mimi when she shed her fake tears about Vh1 viewers (and anyone with a computer) knowing she's just a natural freak? This story line is to be continued.

There is still plenty of drama between Rasheeda and Kirk. Rasheeda's baby boy, Carter, is born, but Kirk still claims he doesn't know if the kid is his. Michael Jackson's 'Billy Jean' could have easily lived on this episode's soundtrack because we all know Mr. Frost is somewhere singing, "The kid is not my son." What a shame. He's married, and has been for more than 10 years to someone who looks like a ride-or-die, faithful woman. Maury needs a spot on this show just so he can say, "Kirk, Carter is your son," and then let the  crowd go wild. He gets no love this week, or for the rest of the season if he keeps this up.

But with all the drama hitting tabloid headlines, we can't forget to acknowledge the new faces popping up this season. While Traci Steele and her ex Drew said so long to the cameras, Waka Flocka Flame and his fiancee Tammy are looking to take center stage. You know Deb Antney (Waka's mama) wasn't going to let a show about hip-hop in Atlanta film and not have her son be involved. Who knows where their story will go, but if Deb and Waka are involved there's sure to be a few fights here and there. Inside you're secretly screaming, 'I can't wait.' And neither can we!

So be sure to check out VH1 next Mon., May 12 at 8PM EST to see what drama pops off next!