Two weeks after the death of popular Baltimore rapper Lor Scoota (Tyriece Travon Watson), his manager Truz (Trayvon Lee) was fatally shot in west Baltimore.

WBAL TV reports that officers were called around 7:45 p.m. Wednesday (July 6) to Anoka Avenue, just outside the Maryland Zoo, police said. Investigators said police found a man with a gunshot wound to his upper body. Lee was taken to a hospital where he later died. Lee was the CEO of the Baltimore-based YBS Records.

Lor Scoota, 23, was killed a couple of weeks ago, on June 25 while leaving a charity basketball game at Morgan State University. A shooter stepped onto Moravia Road and opened fire. Lor Scoota was a rising star on Baltimore's hip-hp scene. The Huffington Post reports that the rapper had garnered a significant buzz in his hometown with his 2014 single, "Birdflu" off of his Still N The Trenches 2 mixtape. The "Birdflu" dance later went viral.

Lor Scoota's brother, Snoop spoke with WBAL about the rapper's untimely death.

“I think it’s about a lot of hate in this city that a lot of people are refusing to stop," he said. "It’s like, find your own way out, you know? Don’t look for someone else to find your way out for you. Find your own way out.”

While Scoota often rapped about street life, he was also down for his community. The Huffington Post reports that the young rapper was actively involved in various causes and events throughout Baltimore, which has made national headlines following the death of Freddie Gray because of it's poverty and housing disparities. In addition to hosting the charity event last weekend, Scoota once spoke to children at Samuel Coleridge Elementary School and even joined Councilman Nick Mosby last year on his #EyeAmBaltimore Tour, speaking with kids at various high schools about the importance of education.

Now, with the death of his manager, the city is reeling. Fans expressed their grief over Lee's death on Twitter.


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