Onetime Bad Boy rapper Loon was arrested last week in Belgium and will return to the United States to face drug charges, XXL reports.

The former member of Mase's Harlem World posse had sought asylum in Algeria back in May, after he was indicted on felony heroin distribution charges. According to XXL, the official indictment alleges that Loon -- born Chauncey Hawkins -- "knowingly and intentionally" intended to sell at least one kilogram of heroin from early 2006 through September 2008 in North Carolina.

Best known for rapping on the 2002 Diddy hit 'I Need a Girl (Part One)' and its remix sequel, Loon dropped out of the rap game in the latter half of the '00s and converted to Islam. After changing his name to Amir Junaid Muhadith, he spoke openly about the "evils of hip-hop," insisting he would never go back to making music.

The drug charges aren't Loon's first brushes with the law. In 2004, XXL reports, he was arrested in connection with the stabbing of a security guard at nightclub in Los Angeles. He was charged with attempted murder but never convicted.

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