Get excited Logic fans. The Maryland-bred rapper revealed that his sophomore album, The Incredible True Story, will be arriving this fall along with an accompanying "motion picture sci-fi epic."

The Visionary Music Group leader released a clip of what's to come from his new LP. The visual sets the scene in what seems to be a spaceship. Strings echo in the hallway as the camera takes you to a dimly lit hangar where Logic paces around an MPC before hitting the button that adds drums to the ill beat.

The Under Pressure creator, also known for his production savvy, continues to create and add to the beat as "I am the greatest" sounds off repeatedly. Then the rapper takes over to spit some lyrics before the screen goes black and "The Incredible True Story... And Transformation of the Man Who Saved the World" appears. Afterwards, the video title reveals that the album and sci-fi epic will be coming in the season filled with cardigans.

But that's not it. "Incoming Transmission..." shows up onscreen along with a man dressed like a mechanic, who reaches for something above his head. "You have to push the button, Thomas," a woman says through a transmitter. A man comes from behind to confirm. "Yeah, the button on the top right where it's always been since the beginning of time," he states while shaking his head and calling Thomas a "dumbass."

The quality and effects of the video is Hollywood cinematic, which makes us even more excited for what Logic has in store. The Incredible True Story is the follow-up to the MC's 2014 debut LP, Under Pressure, which featured the knocking ode "Soul Food" and the menacing title track.

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