Logic is ready for takeoff and he's bringing his team along for the ride. The Maryland-bred rapper has released the cover art for his upcoming sophomore album, The Incredible True Story, which features Logic as an astronaut.

The 25-year-old sits at command, his hands controlling a spaceship and readying to press the red buttons for lift off.

Steve Blum (to Logic's right), best known for providing the voice work in several popular Japanese animes, is one of the men surrounding the Visionary Music Group leader. Music producer Kevin Randolph sits at the rapper's left side. The full panorama image will fold out in the album's packaging and can be seen below.

Young Sinatra announced news of the album last week (Sept. 9), described as a "motion picture sci-fi epic" -- Blum and Randolph are also set to star in the feature. These new visuals fall in line with the rapper's theme of space exploration and science fiction shown in the trailer for the forthcoming project. But Logic fans shouldn't worry too much about his direction. "the concept of the album and the music on the album have nothing to do with each other lol that may be hard to understand but wait!" he tweeted.

The Incredible True Story will serve as the follow-up to his 2014 debut LP, Under Pressure. Similar to his first album, Logic and 6ix produced the majority of the album (90 percent to be exact, according to the rhymer). Fans can expect new sounds to launch into their headphones in the coming months.

He has confidence that he can depend on his Bobby Soxers for support. "no my fans love me they trust me and I know as long as I put my heart in it my true fans will love it," Logic tweeted.

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