Lloyd Banks and Nas may be getting in on Kanye West's G.O.O.D Fridays, although the latest installment of the weekly free music download has been postponed.

During a UStream interview with XXL Magazine, Banks revealed that he was recently in the studio with West working on music for his own 'Hunger for More 2' album but will also lay down lyrics for West's forthcoming release. "The record I had did for Kanye, he was saying he was putting Nas on it," Banks revealed. "So you may be seeing that in the future." The collaboration comes as a surprise considering Banks and Nas where at odds in the past after Banks released the record 'Yall N----z Starving' dissing Nas for his alleged negative comments against G-Unit.

For Banks' album, West pulled double duty both producing and rhyming. "The [song] for my album is completely 2015," Banks said. "It's next level; it's not nothing you heard before." West showed his admiration for the G-Unit member's skills earlier this month tweeting that he was one of top rappers in the game. "I definitely appreciated that," Banks said. "For somebody like him to say it, usually you get your compliments when you can no longer do it."

Ironically Banks and West may become each other's competition as both of their albums are both slated for a November 23 release.