lloyd BanksLast week Shyne went on a musical run, releasing three new tracks on three consecutive days. His third release came on Wednesday, April 14, in the form of a freestyle over Alicia Key's song 'Un-Thinkable (I'm Ready).' On one of his verses, Shyne took an unexpected shot at 50 Cent, rapping, "I need a couple million, f--- 50 Cents."

The jab came as a surprise since the rappers were last engaged in a war of words over five years ago while Shyne was still behind bars. And although 50 has had nothing to say about the line just yet, his fellow G-Unit comrade, Lloyd Banks addressed the freestyle during a recent chat with Miss Info on Hot 97."I spoke to Fif today...he just laughed about it," Banks said. "But I heard some other things that Shyne put out, and I'll be the first to tell you and the world, he's very, very wack right now."

Banks slammed the Belize native for his recent releases, attributing the decline in his musical quality to the amount of time he spent behind bars. "It was something in the food, it was something," Banks said. "He's a D-class rapper to me right now. You know, the dude that just wakes up and says 'I'ma rap now?' What kind of style does he got right now? I'm not diggin' that. There's no reason to hate him, I'm doing good. That n---- wack. His whole slang changed up. He's wack."

Lloyd Banks is currently working on his upcoming mixtape 'Hunger For More 2.'