Don't call it comeback. LL Cool J returns with a brand new song called 'You Already' featuring the self-proclaimed Powder King Troy Ave.

On the club banger, the veteran rhyme-spitter declares himself the "new king of New York" (even though he lives in Los Angeles now) and scoffs at the haters in the club.

“LL you look good for your age / I look good for any age I’m paid / Look at the table, rose all day / See me in the V.I.P. just wave," he raps.

Troy Ave recites LL's 1996 classic 'Doin' It' on the hook, but also spits a braggadocios verse as well.

"Brick boy, Big Troy / New Benz, big toy / Playing with these h-'s and some change / Off the ahoy," he rhymes, adding, "Wish a n---- well / I wish a n---- would / I'll push him straight to hell."

The only gripe we have with this song is the "You Already" hook, which is a little suspect. Granted, it's a well-known street term but it sounds a little awkward on here and it's not catchy.

No word if 'You Already' is going to appear on LL Cool J's upcoming album, 'G.O.A.T. 2.' The collection boasts the previously-released 'I'm Nice' featuring Raekwon, as well as Murda Mook and Ron Browz.

Listen to LL Cool J's 'You Already' Feat. Troy Ave