LL Cool J is hard at work on his upcoming fourteenth album and the legendary rapper spoke to Billboard about a collaboration with fellow rhymer Eminem that's slated to be included on the project.

"He actually did his vocals and everything,” LL told Billboard. "It really happened. I want the overall project to be good. Em is my man and I love him. He’s also a friend of mine, so we’ll definitely get it poppin’. The world has been waiting for that. They’ll get it the right way and it’s gonna be amazing."

Eminem is only five years younger than LL, but obviously, the elder lyricist was dropping hits for ten years before Eminem's first album. As such, LL has an admiration for Em's love of hip-hop culture.

“He’s such a student of Hip Hop,” LL Cool J says. "He knew all of my music. He called up the radio station singing 'Go Cut Creator Go' and that’s a song nobody knows until you’re a diehard LL aficionado. Every time I’ve met Em, he’s had a great spirit. We’ve hung out many times. When I got my [Hollywood] star, he did something cool for me -- he bought me a cool ad in a mag. He’s always given me love. I respect and appreciate what he’s done in his career. It always made me feel good to see somebody that I inspired take it to that level. These are the kinds of people that, at one time in their lives, saw me on TV and they were rapping along then went on to have such a illustrious career. I love Em and look forward to including him in this next project."

While LL has previously stated that he was working on G.O.A.T. 2, (the follow-up to 2000s G.O.A.T.), the music he's working on currently is supposedly for a different, yet-to-be-titled project.