Hip-hop veteran LL Cool J is paying tribute to Michael Jackson with 'Billie Jean Cream,' a remix of the King of Pop's 1983 hit. Uncle L, who released his debut single the same year that Jackson's 'Thriller' album shot the singer into the pop music stratosphere, said that he has always looked up to the music icon.

"After hearing the tragic news of Michael Jackson's death, the lyrics for the 'Billie Jean' remix came to me in a dream," LL said in an interview. "Michael was one of my childhood idols and has always been a great inspiration to me."

Behind the songs original track, LL flows about Jackson's mark on the music industry. "It's only one king homie," he begins. "Iced out glove on the Bentley wheel/look at how I'm spinning ya' boy's so real/Number one in the world, imagine how it feel/To hit up Sony for a billion on a deal/Buy out the Beatles tell Paul [McCartney] to chill/To live to talk y'all read it in my will.

"Ain't no question on who's the boss/So when I give orders I can talk real soft/There's one King of Pop nothing else poppin' off/Comparing him to me?/Please knock it off/All of ya'll emanate from one source/ try to imitate it but you can't pull it off."

The Queens, NY-born rapper also announced a Michael Jackson tribute contest via his social networking site Boomdizzle.com. The contest allows fans to post their own tribute to Michael Jackson for a chance to win prizes.