LL Cool J has decided to get back to his roots and drop a new album. Titled 'G.O.A.T. 2.,' the project will feature a slew of star-studded guest appearances from the likes of Eminem, T.I., J. Cole and Raekwon, among others. The LP is leaning more toward the gritty side LL displayed early on in his career.

After the release of 'Break Your Face,' Uncle L is back with another one-off to hold fans over until 'G.O.A.T. 2' officially drops with an uptempo cut, 'Know Your Name.' Featuring crooner Jeremy Austin on the vocals, LL gets lusty in this number. The rapper is on a mission to get to know as many beautiful ladies' names as possible.

"Is it Amber, Draya, Karin, Maliah / China, Staxx, Alana, Tila / Imani, Jada, Tierra, or Deja / I just wanna know your name, I'ma let you do yo' thang," Uncle L raps, concocting one for the strip clubs and dance floor with his signature brand of finesse. While far from a bona fide hit, 'Know Your Name' is a solid effort from one of the games biggest legends and is worthy of spin.

Listen to LL Cool J's 'Know Your Name' Feat. Jeremy Austin

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