Around this time last year, Beyonce season was upon us. But instead of waiting until December to surprise fans with an album this year, the songstress is delivering an early holiday treat: the chance to listen to her ‘Beyonce Platinum Edition' LP before making a purchase.

The project, which is available now, has been made available for streaming via Spotify. In addition to hearing songs from the original self-titled LP -- ‘Pretty Hurts,’ ‘Partition’ and ‘XO’ to name a few -- the revamped album features six bonus songs including two new tracks ‘7/11’ and ‘Ring Off’ and four remixes. Pharrell, Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, Jay Z and Mr. Vegas are some of the big names appearing on the reworked songs.

But of course, all of the new audio material wouldn’t be complete without throwing in a little visual stimulation. The new album also comes with a live performance DVD from her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. Plus there's her 2015 calendar so the singer can lead the way 365 days a year. Obviously, the Beyhive has a lot to be thankful for this holiday season.

Beyonce ‘Platinum Edition Box Set’ Tracklist

More Audio CD
1. ’7/11′
2. ‘Flawless Remix’ feat. Nicki Minaj
3. ‘Drunk in Love Remix’ feat. Jay Z & Kanye West
4. ‘Ring Off’
5. ‘Blow Remix’ feat. Pharrell Williams
6. ‘Standing on the Sun Remix’ feat. Mr. Vegas

Live DVD
1. ‘Run The World (Girls)’
2. ‘***Flawless’
3. ‘Get Me Bodied’
4. ‘Blow’
5. ‘Haunted’
6. ‘Drunk In Love’ feat. Jay Z
7. ’1 + 1′
8. ‘Partition’
9. ‘Heaven’
10. ‘XO’

Original CD
1. ‘Pretty Hurts’
2. ‘Haunted’
3. ‘Drunk in Love’ feat. Jay Z
4. ‘Blow’
5. ‘No Angel’
6. ‘Partition’
7. ‘Jealous’
8. ‘Rocket’
9. ‘Mine’ feat. Drake
10. ‘XO’
11. ‘***Flawless’ feat. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
12. ‘Superpower’ feat. Frank Ocean
13. ‘Heaven’
14. ‘Blue’ feat. Blue Ivy

Original DVD
1. ‘Pretty Hurts’
2. ‘Ghost/Haunted’
3. ‘Drunk In Love’
4. ‘Blow’
5. ‘No Angel’
6. ‘Yoncé/Partition’
7. ‘Jealous’
8. ‘Rocket’
9. ‘Mine’
10. ‘XO’
11. ‘***Flawless’
12. ‘Superpower’
13. ‘Heaven’
14. ‘Blue’
15. ‘Grown Woman’

Listen to ‘Beyonce Platinum Edition'

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