Lil Yachty is very familiar with catching flack for comments on social media, whether it be from another rapper, or even non-fans. The 19-year-old hip hop star has made quite the come-up on the scene this year, but it's come with a lot of backlash following some of his more controversial interviews.

Earlier this year, Yachty expressed his distaste for the older generation of hip hop fans who consistently criticize his music, and even admitted that he doesn't know any Tupac or Biggie songs. After getting ripped on social media for his comments, Yachty went as far as to call Biggie "overrated" on's "Over/Under" series. Obviously, this set off more backlash for him from the older generation of rap fans, but he took to Twitter to defend himself.

The rapper tweeted to fans:

The rapper believes that no matter how he answered the question for the series, it would have been news on the blogs regardless.

Yachty hasn't been one to hold back his commentary on previous rap generations, and it's become a constant battle for him as far as his social media presence. Despite the backlash, he's still seeing tons of success on the charts, as his feature on D.R.A.M.'s "Broccoli" track helped them land a No. 1 single.

What are your thoughts on Yachty's criticism of Biggie and the older generation of hip hop? Does he make a strong argument?

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