LeBron James and Lil Yachty teamed up for one of the latest Sprite commercials, and it's pretty comedic to say the least.

The clip starts with the NBA star breaking the fourth wall of the TV spot, showing the actual crew and saying he refuses to tell people to drink the popular beverage.

"Let's get one thing straight," says Lebron. "I would never tell you to drink Sprite. Even if I'm in a commercial for Sprite, which I am, or you're watching it, which you are. I wouldn't tell you to drink it. No matter what that cue-card says."

Afterward, King James visits with some men in a restaurant, and one of them just consumed a taco with extra hot sauce on it. Even though the frosty glass of soda is right next to the gentlemen, and he needs it to remove the heat from his badly scorched palette, Lebron says he still won't tell him to drink the Sprite.

Then in the next scene, Lil Yachty makes an appearance and sings a little song about the lemon, lime drink, while sporting a green jacket and playing the piano.

"Cold like a Sprite soda / Cold like a Sprite soda," he croons.

There's no word from Sprite, Lebron or Yachty when the ad will be on television, but for now you can see it above.

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