Fans waiting for Lil Wayne's 'Rebirth' album to drop will have to wait a little longer. Reps for Wayne's label, Cash Money Records, have pushed the album's release date to July.

Wayne released the album's first single 'Prom Queen' in January. Unfortunately, the rapper's first foray into rock failed to generate the same amount of buzz as singles of his triple platinum 'Tha Carter III' album.

Since announcing its release earlier this year, 'Rebirth' has been riddled with delays and leaks. Songs like 'Politics' and Spit In Your Face' all found their way on the net recently, although they have not been confirmed as tracks on the album.

Wayne, however, has been keeping himself busy with performances, television appearances, and a healthy helping of copyright infringement lawsuits. In April, the 26-year-old appeared on 'The View' to both discuss his new album and perform.

According to Wayne, 'Rebirth' is not a rock album but more of a growth in his musical abilities. "It's just the way my life went and so my music went the same way," he said. We just used the title 'rock' because we didn't want anybody to think I was too different. So we put the title on it before they [did]. It's really just more of Lil Wayne maturing."