Fans who have been pining for an incarcerated Lil Wayne, can get their fix of the New Orleans rapper on an upcoming mixtape.

Excerpts of Weezy's phone calls from Rikers Island will be in included DJ Scoob Doo and DJ Drama's mixtape 'Fetti Holmes Part 2.' His conversations with Scoob will land in several interludes where fans can listen to him give examples of the New York slang he is learning at Rikers. "Man, 'son,' 'kid,' 'word up,' 'word to my mutha,' Weezy says jokingly. "I'm 'son,' 'kid,' 'word to my mutha,' Yo, what's good B?"

The two also go on to discuss the popularity of Wayne's video 'Single,' which seemed to slip Wayne's mind, considering that he recorded nine videos before getting locked up. "That s--- hard," Wayne said. "Everybody's calling me. I talk about that s---. Once a day somebody's gotta say something about the mutha----- ' 'Single' video. I forgot we did that. I was like, 'I don't even remember even doing that."

Despite his good humor, Wayne finally got a little serious when he addressed his recent violation for hiding an MP3 player in his cell. "Ain't too much, I got in a little trouble and whatnot, you feel me?" Wayne said. "Yeah, they tried to bang me with that...But I can't live without my music, Scoob. You know how it is, man. I needed my music. It's all good. I had to take my little slip-up. I ain't trippin. Players f--- up."

New music from Birdman and Drake will appear on the 'Fetti Holmes Part 2,' mixtape. Birdman pays tribute to Wayne on the track 'Jr. Doing Time/Bigger Than Life," which will also appear on his upcoming album, 'The Godfather.'