Now that Lil Wayne is on the sober living front, he's making sure to prevent any relapses into slinging back the purple stuff by enforcing a "no alcohol" policy backstage during his current I Am Still Music tour.

According to TMZ, the performance tour, which features the Young Money MC along with the likes of Rick Ross and Keri Hilson, to name a few, has a strict "dry backstage as we are committed to keeping a safe and professional atmosphere to ensure a smoothly running tour."

A rep for the I Am Still Music tour confirmed the news but also revealed that the policy backstage has nothing to do with the audience members drinking alcohol at the venue -- they are free to do so.

'Tha Carter IV' creator is banned from consuming alcoholic beverages as part of his three-year probation, which began last year -- he'll be free to throw back a cold one in 2013. Wayne's personal tour bus is rumored to be clear of liquor as well.

Check out Weezy F. Baby's I Am Still Music tour dates here.

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