Since Lil Wayne began his prison sentence at Rikers Island, a steady stream of details about the incarcerated rapper has trickled in through his friends and label mates. The most recent piece of news came on Wednesday (April 7) when US Weekly reported that Wayne had landed himself a new gig behind bars as a suicide watch man.

The bit of information was reportedly handed over by Lil Wayne's ex-wife Antonia "Toya" Carter, who told the magazine, "They got him on suicide watch for other prisoners. He watches the crazy prisoners and makes sure they don't kill themselves. He likes the job even though they don't pay him much."

Although the story seemed a little suspect, the information spread like wildfire, until Toya announced on Twitter today (April 8) that the news was false. She explained that she had never given an interview to US Weekly. "Good morning tweethearts....I'm angry this morning. Who told US weekly to say I told them Wayne have a job...I never said that to them...people r Crazy!" she wrote. She later followed up with a second tweet, writing, "People r Crazy for real I hate when they make false stories up...where they do that at?"

There has been no comment from US Weekly about Toya's allegations as yet.