Though he's currently in the clink, Lil Wayne's favorite blunts have finally hit the shelf. The Young Money leader and marijuana enthusiast's brand of flavored cigars, Bogey Blunts, previously only available on, is now officially for sale in physical stores.

Available in the following styles, "Master," "Trees," and "Woods," with flavors that include "Aromatic," "Honey" and "Grape," Bogey Blunts are the latest in a string of Weezy product endorsements, which includes "Strapped Condoms." The blunts are reportedly available in 400 7-Elevan locations throughout California, according to Lil Wayne's Twitter.

"Look out for Lil Wayne's 'Bogey Blunts' at your local 7-Elevan and cigar shops! If you don't see them, request them!" Weezy's Twitter (as operated by protege Lil Twist) announced.