Though Young Money boss Lil Wayne has practically built a career on the strength of his mixtape tracks, the prolific MC has been notably quiet in the four months since his release from prison. Besides his '6 Foot 7 Foot' single, Green Bay Packers homage 'Green and Yellow' and a Bruno Mars remix, Lil Weezy has been uncharacteristically silent, but it appears that is about to change with the release of his forthcoming mixtape with DJ Drama.

A snippet of a song dubbed 'You & I' from the as-yet untitled mixtape was leaked by Funkmaster Flex earlier today, featuring a subdued, mellow Wayne over the beat's gentle accoustic guitar strings.

"But all we do is fuss and f--- / Over this and that and such and such," Wayne begins on the snippet. "Man, I think I gotta toughen up/ Love knocks you down/ And it feel like I been sucker-punched/ But I love her like new money/ I ain't going nowhere like Al Bundy/ I'm like how can I leave her?/ Love is a bitch, but everybody need her/ Inhale, exhale, I just need a breather/ Call a timeout and watch the cheerleaders/ And when I'm not feeling the same, I just drive my Bugatti down memory lane/ And come back to you."

Though not much else is known about Wayne's new DJ Drama mixtape, a full version of 'You & I' is promised on Flex's blog shortly. Additionally, Wayne has pledged to debut his '6 Foot 7 Foot' video on MTV soon. All this quiet can only mean one thing about the rapper, who once shot nine music videos in one weekend -- Weezy's locked in the studio, waiting to unleash 6 new mixtapes, 37 music videos and at least 5 albums on his fans.