Lil Wayne has high expectations for Drake's 'Thank Me Later' debut. Apart from the two million mark he's eying the album to reach in first week sales, Weezy's long-term goals for the album are just as outlandish.

In the same conversation that Wayne announced his double platinum anticipation of Drake, which was recorded as footage for DJ Scoob Doo's upcoming 'Nino Brown 3' DVD, the 27-year-old told his Young Money counterpart Mack Maine that he hopes Drake will sells 10 million albums.

"I need [Drake] to do diamond," Wayne added. "And I try to top that. I need him to do that. He's gonna sell."

Wayne's already planning his comeback too. "Come straight offstage with the [state] greens on and just go stupid on them," Wayne says of what he's going to do. "I should do it the same night I get out."

Serving an eight month stint, at Rikers Island in New York, has done little to hinder Wayne's connection to the outside world. Besides receiving visits from Drake and Diddy, the Grammy winner reaches out to through the Internet, and calls friends. As previously reported, Wayne recorded a feature on Drake's 'Light Up' over the phone from prison. He is set to be released in November, while Drake's 'Thank Me Later' drops June 15.