In this week's round-up of the Top Five Tweets of The Week, Lil Wayne and Mack Maine shoot down reports that they have

prejudice against African-American women of dark complexions and Slim Thug talks about how he jokingly posted a Craigslist ad looking for women. Incarcerated hip-hop groupie Kat Stacks is still tweeting from a Tennessee jail and Waka Flocka Flame discusses the unexplained phenomenon of hundreds of birds recently falling dead from the sky.

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1. @liltunechi (Lil Wayne): Rumors [are] as dumb as the people who believe them. Y'all know I didn't say that sh*t!!!!!

2. @mackmaine (Mack Maine): Just read the funniest "blog story" ever about me n my fam.....We color blind over here..if a

female is beautiful she's beautiful!! Luv

3. @ihateKatStacks (Kat Stacks): I can tweet in jail cause I got it like that BIIIITCH

4. @slimthugga (Slim Thug): They got me on all the gossip sites thinking I really try to get chicks off Craigslist but then

again if they dumb ass believe it f*ckem

5. @WakaFlocka1017 (Waka Flocka): wtf is up with these birds falling out the sky? is the #wakaflockalypse happening sooner

than we think? haha