Lil Wayne is alive!

Following reports that he'd been suffering from life-threatening seizures, he -- or someone claiming to be him -- sent out an update on his Twitter account at around 9:30 PM Friday night (March 15).

"I'm good everybody," he wrote. "Thx for the prayers and love.

Previously, it was reported that Wayne was in a medical induced coma and needed to have his stomach pumped to remove copious amounts of codeine that was in his system.

Conflicting reports sprang from gossip news website TMZ, which first reported that Wayne was being read his last rites. TMZ then removed that information from its posting, as its sources close to the situation may have been misspoken.

Regardless, the original report sent the Internet into a tizzy, with prayers for Weezy lighting up Twitter, Facebook and the like.

Down in Austin, T.X., where our Spinner team is reporting from SXSW, it was reported that Usher took the stage at an Afghan Whigs concert and asked the crowd there to send positive energy to his friend Lil Wayne.